Pencil Extenders

Posted on October 25, 2017

When I was 8 I think (Standard 2 in Malaysia), I sat beside a girl in class. She was showing off her metallic pencil extender like it was the greatest thing ever.

For us kids at that time, it really was something special. In case you didn’t know what they are, pencil extenders are pencil holders for very short pencils, so that you can hold it properly and use it up as much as possible.

For some reason that girl lost her pencil extender that day. She cried and accused me for stealing it. I was flabbergasted of course because it never crossed my mind to take something that’s not mine, and that she could actually accuse me without evidence.

The teacher checked my bag and searched my pockets and found nothing, the girl wasn’t satisfied and kept saying I stole it. With the pencil extender nowhere to be found, the teacher separated us. I didn’t sit with that girl after that day and we never ever spoke a word to each other after that happened.

A couple of years later I moved to the same street as her and I moved away a few years down the road.